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Shine little astroid glitter glitter in small circles tumble tumble, documentary, 2013


Nasse Sachen and others – live stream, experimental serial storytelling, with Studio 206 / , 2012

Artists, portrait-documentary commissioned by Villa Aurora & the Federal Ministry of Culture, Germany, 2009

Le Tropisme, documentary, France 2008


Wetwork, mockumentary, 2004


Who is Anna Walentynowicz?, documentary, 2001, with Tag/Traum productions

Certificate of excellence , BANFF Montreal




The Spy in the Mosque, c-films

East-Wood, Bavaria Film

The Hours of Night and Stillness Loving, now-films

Nominated for the Federal Film Award

Thomas Strittmatter Award (2nd place)


The True and Local Solar Time, gff film productions

Best Screenplay Winner at Independent Filmmakers Showcase Film Festival

The BlueCat Screenplay Competition, Quarterfinalist

Best Screenplay Winner at Independent Film Quarterly Film & Media Festival


In God’s Name, lailaps pictures


Strajk, Provobis Film


Tankred Dorst Award

International Film Festival Seattle Proscar

International Film Festival Saturno, Golden Saturn


Unrest, Eikon Media