Shine little astroid glitter glitter in small circles tumble tumble, documentary, 2013, Aspect ratio: 4:3, Mono,Film archive footage, mixed formats, Duration: 58:50

The story of geologist Clair Patterson, and what has determining the age of the earth to do with the plot against Roosevelt, as well as why the oil companies still rule the world.

Nasse Sachen and others – live stream, experimental serial storytelling, with Studio 206 / , 2012

Artists, portrait-documentary

commissioned by Villa Aurora & the Federal Ministry of Culture, Germany, 2009

Le Tropisme, documentary, France 2008, 59 min, DigiBeta, color , stereo


A tropism is a biological phenomenon, indicating growth or turning movement of a biological organism, usually a plant, in response to an environmental stimulus. Tropisms are usually named for the stimulus involved (for example, a phototropism is a reaction to light): p.e.all flowers turn toward the sun. The word tropism is used sometimes in a derisive way to indicate an action done without cognitive thought: However, “tropism” in this sense has a proper, although non-scientific, meaning as an innate tendency, natural inclination, or propensity to act in a certain manner. I heard about tropism for the first time, when I stayed in Paris and got introduced to the novel of Nathalie Sarraute „Tropismes“, where she describes tropisms as consonances of the soul; consonances used to define groups through simularities, not by emphasizing on how they differ from other groups. The film tells six stories, subtle movements and observations; a child, a teenager, a young man, a young familiy, a middle aged man, an old man. With reference to the seven ages of man, each story points at a certain universal quest, a universal growth – like developing individuality, taking responsibilty for yourself, taking responsibilty for others, death and learn to let go.

Wetwork, mockumentary, 2004, 60 min, color, Mono, Digi Beta

Kathy proposes an original solution to “root out“ her unemployment: She wants to be a hitwomen. In fact, it’s not all in black humor – the single mom from Berlin is just trying to gain a foothold in the trade herself. Her first contract killing is just around the bend. Meyer’s »Mockumentary« leaves a fiercely satirical look at Germany in times of mass unemployment and »Hartz IV« legislation.

Who is Anna Walentynowicz?, documentary, 2001, with Tag/Traum productions, Certificate of excellence , BANFF Montreal


Gdansk, Poland 1980. The shipyard management fires Anna Walentynowicz, craneoperator and former “hero of the workforce” for political reasons. Outraged by this, the workers spontaneously put down their work and confiscate the director’s limousine to pick up Anna from her house, to bring her back to the yard. At 9 am/ p.m. a strike is proclaimed. 18 days later, one of the most important organisations of the 20th century was founded: the free union “Solidarity”. It is because of Anna Walentynowicz that Solidarity was born, but the world press enthusiastically features the man, who takes all credit: Lech Walêsa.


The Spy in the Mosque, c-films

East-Wood, Bavaria Film

The Hours of Night and Stillness Loving, now-films, Nominated for the Federal Film Award, Thomas Strittmatter Award (2nd place)

The True and Local Solar Time, gff film productions, Best Screenplay Winner at Independent Filmmakers Showcase Film Festival, The BlueCat Screenplay Competition, Quarterfinalist, Best Screenplay Winner at Independent Film Quarterly Film & Media Festival

In God’s Name, lailaps pictures

Strajk, Provobis Film, INTERNATIONAL EMMY AWARDS– best screenplay, Tankred Dorst Award, International Film Festival Seattle Proscar, International Film Festival Saturno, Golden Saturn

Unrest, Eikon Media